Thunder & Joy - Volume II

Last in the series of Thunder & Joy sets. It's a shame there wasn't any more of these tapes released as their absolutely tearin'! Bizarrely Ice T regularly used to go T&J events while touring the UK.

Event: Thunder & Joy
Venue: Raw Club
Date: Dec 1994 & Jan 1995
DJ's: Kenny Ken, Darren Jay B2B Mickey Finn, Rizla, Nicky Blackmarket, Rap, Brockie, SL & Mampi Swift
MC's: Stevie Hyper D, Navigator, GQ, Prince, Gee & Moose

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=e4632b2cb9f451dbab1eab3e9fa335ca15495d0d3c6ec3fa

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