Dreamscape VI

This was the first tape pack that Dreamscape released in 1993, as previously they were only singles. A absolute classic that got played to death during my high school days. Look out for the Bukem & Ratty sets especially.

Event: Dreamscape VI
Venue: The Sanctuary
Date: 28/05/93
DJ's: Ramos, Slipmatt, Clarkee, GE Real, Dougal, Dave Angel, LTJ Bukem, Ratty & Carl Cox
MC's: Marley, Ribbs, Conrad, Eze Vibe, Magika, Chickaboo & Bassman

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=e4632b2cb9f451dbab1eab3e9fa335caa566af015033076e

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