Dreamscape II

Event: Dreamscape II
Venue: The Sanctuary
Date: 28/02/92
DJ's: Dougal, Ellis Dee, Swan e, Bryan Gee, Clarkee, Seduction, Topbuzz, Grooverider, Phantasy & Mastersafe
MC's: Ez'e Vibe & Mad P

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=e4632b2cb9f451dbab1eab3e9fa335caf841c873201fa098


  1. nice blog m8...chekk my 1:



  2. Excellent! The Phantasy tape was my first ever rave tape! It was a bad copy even then but needless to say after being well and truly hammered it is truly awful now.

    I even bought a cd copy of the set from the Fantazia website and unbelievably the quality was just as bad as my tape!

    All the rips I've downloaded from your site have been excellent quality so much kudos to you!

    Did you rip them all from original tapes yourself?

  3. Just noticed that the Rider set is missing :( any chance of an upload please fella?

  4. @ Gravity - yes mate, all sets are ripped from the originals in wav, then compressed to 320kbps. Actually I thought I could of re-mastered the Dreamscape sets a little better. If I get the time I might redo them.

    Ah didn't notice the Rider set was missing, I'll up it asap.

  5. Nice one Billy! You the man!

    I'm currently off work on study leave and have been rinsing these and some of the AWOL sets big time.

    I did have some sets already but as I said these are so much better quality, it makes a big difference.

    Big up!

  6. Who was the mc at the start of seduction?