Dreamscape IV

Event: Dreamscape IV
Venue: The Sanctuary
Date: 29/05/92
DJ's: Mastersafe, Swan e, Dougal, Bryan Gee, Hype, Clarkee, Ray Keith, Ellis Dee, Phantasy & LTJ Bukem
MC's: Ez'e Vibe, Chalky White, Magika, Long John & Conrad

*New updated DJ Phantasy set* with an extra 15 minutes that wasn't on the original DS4 tape, which was found on the end of side b of Clarkee @ Back to the Future.

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?sx3miv8btzcb2


  1. Thank you very much mate for posting these,i've been looking for these sets in there full length and the sound quality they deserve since 92! You've made my year! every set from this event is golden,these will sit in my car cd changer for a very long time to come!
    Thanks again for taking the time to up them.

  2. Cheers mate, amazing music